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Massage Chair Guide 2024: What features should you keep an eye on?

A massage chair comes equipped with numerous functionalities, and understanding which ones suit your requirements can be challenging. We've highlighted some key features of our massage chairs that we believe are essential to consider in your search for the ideal massage chair. These features are designed to enhance your relaxation experience and provide maximum comfort.

Massage chairs with 2D, 3D or 4D technology

Modern massage chairs are available with 2D, 3D or 4D technology. In short, it matters how deep and complex a massage you can get in a massage chair. 

It can be difficult to know which type that best suits your needs. Below you will find the explanation of how the different technologies differ from each other and what you can expect from the different functions. In this way you can get an overview of which type of chair you should choose.  

23,3d,4d massage forklaring

Massage rollers and motor

A massage chair with 2D massage has a rail system in the back of the chair. The rail system is mounted on rollers – it is these rollers that massage you. The rail system in 2D chairs can be designed differently. Some go down to the lower back and others have an “S” -shaped rail that goes all the way down to the buttocks. There may also be a difference in the number of rollers sitting on the rail.

For many it will be reasonable to believe that the more rolls the better, but unfortunately this is not always the case. The quality of the massage largely depends on how advanced the motor system is and the motor system in a 3D massage chair will often be of a higher quality than it is in a 2D chair.

Since the motor system in a 2D massage chair is hardly as advanced as in a 3D chair, several rollers are added instead, to achieve a slightly more advanced massage, while the massage chair can be kept at a slightly more affordable level than a 3D massage chair. 3D massage chairs have, as mentioned, a more advanced motor system than 2D. Thanks to the advanced motor system, the 3D massage chair performs a more smooth and effective massage than the 2D massage chair. A 3D massage is incredibly close to human massage.

From 3D technology to 4D, the world’s most advanced engine system to date is achieved, taking all the good things from 3D technology, but it is now possible with 4D to go across the shaft, which means that you will achieve a massage that is incredibly close to a really professional masseur.

købsguide til massagestol

Heat therapy

There is heat in all our massage chairs. Some models use infrared heat which will heat up your entire back, others run with heat in the rollers that massage you.
Here may be slightly divided opinions about what is best, infrared heat ensures that your entire back is heated, whereas the heat in the rollers applies the heat directly where you are massaging.
The heat can in all cases help to give you a better massage. The heat has the effect that your body and muscles become more receptive to the massage, and can also have a soothing effect.


Knee Massage

Our OGAWA Master Drive Plus massage chair has a built-in knee massage. Our knee is often overlooked when it comes to massage, despite it being one of our important joints in the body.
If you suffer from knee pain, it can be a serious deterioration in quality of life. With our massage chair, you can get a comfortable massage that with, among other things, heated airbags gives your knees a well-deserved massage 


Zero Gravity

In all of our massage chairs you will find the functionality ‘Zero Gravity’. This functionality works as much as possible with your own weight. Zero gravity provides a unique massage and can be compared to massage from a real masseur.

This lying position is the most relieving form of lying for your body and it is used, among other things. by NASA when they send people into space. When you sit back in Zero Gravity mode, you not only lie more comfortably, but it also gives a better effect of the massage, as the chair can utilize your body weight without straining your body.

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