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3 new massage chairs from OGAWA

Say hello to our 3 new OGAWA massage chairs!

We are happy to announce that our 3 newest massage chairs in Ogawa’s Line up are now in stock and ready for delivery!

OGAWA Master Drive Ai

The advancement of the Master Drive 4D Plus, that uses Ai to fully tailor a massage experience to the user. This allows for the Master Drive Ai to fully alleviate any fatigue and sore muscles.

AI Fatigue Tracking™ Technology

The OGAWA Master Drive Ai massage chair creates a health profile for the user by using the pulse oxygen sensor, that measures blood oxygen levels along with a skin response sensor, that measures your fatigue. This data will help the massage chair target problem areas and your fatigue directly. Every time you use the chair it will identify you with facial recognition and update your profile. Then it synchronizes your historical massage records and health files. It uses your health data, historical data, and the current scan of your body to quickly recommend exclusive massage programs and start the first step of your massage program.

Built Better

The Master Drive AI comes with a new advanced M.6 generation processor allows for greater availability of smart features such as voice control and fatigue-tracking technology. It’s equipped with an all-metal track that delivers high accuracy, durability and it will stay stable during massages, where other brands will use plastic tracks to save costs. New NIDEC Brushless Motor delivers 100% improved durability, 35% increased low-speed torque, reduced motor size by 60% and weight reduced by 58%. Rapid Heating Technology which now heats up the rollers in only 2.5 minutes which helps deeply relax tight back muscles. These improvements also increase the durability of the massage chair itself.

  • USB Fast-Charging Port
  • Precision Sensors
  • AI Fatigue Tracking™ Technology
  • And much more
OGAWA Master Drive AI
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OGAWA Smart ReLuxe

The newest intelligent 3D Massage Chair from OGAWA. This massage chair comes with a long range of advances massage technologies that will help you relax, such as Zero Gravity. The chair comes with 6 automatic programs suited to target problem areas. The It has been designed with OGAWA’s Zero Space technology which makes the chair take up very little space when fully reclined.

The Massage Chair also features 38 airbags that helps deliver a massage to the whole body with Air Pressure Massage. The tight precise air pressure covers you from your shoulders to your feet. This feature is made to mimic the felling of a human hand applying pressure to your body.

The 3D massage technology uses precise rollers to deliver the message, the 3D signifies the flexibility of the rollers. The rollers are made of high-quality and durable silicone, this helps both the longevity of your massage chair, but it also helps applying a satisfying and relaxing massage. You can control the way the rollers should both in intensity and how deep they should massage.

  • Body Scanner
  • Foot Rollers
  • SL Track
  • Air Pressure Massage
  • And much more
OGAWA Smart Reluxe
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OGAWA MYsofa Luxe

The OGAWA MYsofa 2D is back and better than ever. You will get an additional 3 new massage programs to a total of 6 automatic massage programs, compared to only 3 programs on the old MYsofa. The massage chair has been vastly improved and now delivers and even better massage than before by using a better body scanning function that will help deliver a whole new experience. The leg massage feature has also been made better, now delivering a much more intense leg massage.

You will be enjoying excellent features such as Zero Gravity, Zero Space Technology, all in a modern new design. The chair also features improvements to the built-in speakers as they are now Bluetooth speakers and no longer require using a cable to listen to your favorite music.

OGAWA MYsofa Luxe
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