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Massage Chairs

  • OGAWA Master Drive 4D Plus
    • 4D massage
    • Precise body scanner
    • High performance M.5 Gen microprocessor 

    The groundbreaking 4D massage chair OGAWA Master Drive 4D Plus will give you a world-class massage. The massage chair is equipped with several high-tech features that ensure a precise and effective massage with human like touch. 

    The chair is easy to operate with 4 auto programs, and serveral other sub-programs such as Chinese, Thai Stretch, etc. Master Drive Plus has a unique 3D knee massage function as the only chair in the world.

    If only the best is good enough, then Master Drive 4D Plus is a technological marvel, which must be considered one of the best massage chairs in the world.
  • OGAWA Smart Witmo
    • 3D Massage
    • 42 airbags 
    • Smart Body Scanner

    OGAWA Smart Witmo provides a fantastic massage of your whole body. A beautiful massage chair in all black, that fits perfect in every modern home. The massage chair has several smart functions that ensures the optimal massage. The massage rollers make sure to hit all the critical points on your body, for a massage experience which increase both your physical and mental well-being.

    You get more quality of life and greater well-being with a massage that soothes sore muscles and joints. OGAWA Smart Witmo’s innovative technology provides an intelligent massage tailored to you. Therefore, there is not a single sore or stiff muscle left in your body once the chair has done its work.
  • Master Drive AI
    • 4D massage
    • Precise body scanner
    • High performance M.5 Gen microprocessor 

    This is a game-changer. OGAWA Master Drive AI 2.0 is developed by the biggest innovators in the industry to provide the most immersive massage experience. Each component of the OGAWA Master Drive is optimized for performance, leading to an extremely accurate massage.

    Powered by the advanced microprocessor M.6 Gen, Master Drive learns and adapts its massage and changes massage pressure, speed and movements to perfectly fit the contours of each unique body with intelligent Vario Motion 4D massage rollers.
  • OGAWA Smart Vogue Prime
    • 2D Massage
    • S+L Track 
    • Heat therapy

    OGAWA Smart Vogue Prime is an effective and stylish massage chair that is made to fit into the modern lifestyle. This is reflected in the chair’s beautiful design, which can easily be used to decorate a modern home.

    Design and functionality come together with the OGAWA Smart Vogue Prime massage chair. The chair is packed with a long list of effective features that ensure the ultimate pampering from head to toe.

    OGAWA Smart Vogue Prime comes with a revolutionary S + L Track technology, which ensures absolute relaxation for your body. The chair has a very special focus around the back, waist, and hip, that relieves pain and promotes a better well-being.
  • OGAWA Smart Jazz
    • 2D massage
    • Heat therapy for waist
    • 7 auto programs

    OGAWA Smart Jazz – Beautiful design, effective massage, and incredible performance. With OGAWA Smart Jazz, you get it all in one massage chair. You get 7 auto programs, so there is a massage for every need, whether you want relief from pain and soreness or better relaxation.

    OGAWA Smart Jazz is made with the modern urban lifestyle in mind.  The streamlined design with beautiful details, makes the massage chair fit beautifully in a modern home.

    The massage chair is packed with several effective massage functions that ensure a wonderful massage.
  • OGAWA Mysofa
    • 2D Massage
    • Zero Gravity
    • 5 massage techniques

    OGAWA MYsofa massage chair is created with sophisticated design and elegance in mind.

    Both design and massage are top notch. It is equipped with state-of-the-art massage features, in a compact and stylish chair. The chair takes up a minimum of space and is perfect for rooms where space is tight.

    Try the unique Zero Gravity and Zero Space function and let MYsofa take your massage experience to new heights.
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