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Massage Products

  • OGAWA Wonder Touch
    • Targets neck and shoulder muscles
    • 40°C Stable heat
    • Innovative Design

    OGAWA Wonder Touch - Your portable rescue against neck and shoulder stiffness! Carefully designed with a 24-degree angle that fits perfectly to the shape of the neck for optimal powerful massage.

    When fatigue and tensions in the neck and shoulders threaten to slow you down, OGAWA Wonder Touch steps in with its advanced technology and ergonomic design.

    With powerful, circular movements, OGAWA Wonder Touch mimics the feeling of a skilled masseur's hands, providing you with a therapeutic and deep tissue massage that instantly relieves tensions.

  • OGAWA Omknee 2 AshGrey
    • Foot, calf and knee massage with heat
    • Air pressure massage
    • Can be divided into two
    OGAWA Omknee 2 is a revolutionary foot and knee massage device. It offers superb massage for your feet, calves and knees. The device can be divided into two, so you can use the knee massage part on other sore places on the body such as. your arms.

    Omknee 2 is made in a stylish design, which makes it fit well into the home.

    You can even share the knee massage part with another, while you yourself enjoy a foot massage.
    • Reflexology
    • Foot massage with heat
    • Targets 5 areas of your foot

    OGAWA OMG is a world-class foot massager. It hits 5 areas around the foot, and uses reflexology to give you the best possible experience when it comes to foot massage.

    With the smart control panel, it is easy to set the massage program that best suits your needs. The built-in heat relieves soreness, and makes sure you have warm and happy feet.

    Ideal for athletes with a desire for better blood circulation, or for those who have problems with restlessness in the feet.

  • OGAWA EM-X Eye Massager
    • Advanced eye massage technology
    • Ergonomic design tailored to the eye area
    • Multiple massage functions

    With the EM-X Eye Massager, you can experience a deep and soothing massage of the eye area. It helps to relieve fatigue and tension around the eyes after a long day.

    The ergonomic design ensures that the massage is delivered precisely where you need it, while the various massage functions allow you to choose the type of massage that best suits your needs.

    Give yourself a break and enjoy a refreshing massage experience with the EM-X Eye Massager.

  • OGAWA Estilo Prime X
    • Auto-programs for neck and back
    • 12 massage balls
    • Fits most chairs

    Experience a luxurious massage anywhere with OGAWA Estilo Prime X.

    This advanced massage device for back and neck offers Shiatsu massage, 12 massage balls, kneading, tapping, infrared heat, and vibrations.

    With an extended roller length and the ability to attach it to most chairs, you can enjoy a deep massage experience that relieves soreness and stiffness.

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