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Master Drive 4D Plus - Black

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  • 4D massage
  • Precise body scanner
  • High performance M.5 Gen microprocessor 

The groundbreaking 4D massage chair OGAWA Master Drive 4D Plus will give you a world-class massage. The massage chair is equipped with several high-tech features that ensure a precise and effective massage with human like touch. 

The chair is easy to operate with 4 auto programs, and serveral other sub-programs such as Chinese, Thai Stretch, etc. Master Drive Plus has a unique 3D knee massage function as the only chair in the world.

If only the best is good enough, then Master Drive 4D Plus is a technological marvel, which must be considered one of the best massage chairs in the world.

Product details

  • 4D massage
  • High performance M.5 Gen microprocessor
  • Heat Therapy
  • Precise body scanner
  • Reaches 36 acupuncture points on the body
  • 1,35 cm SL Track
  • Knee massage
  • 6 different massage techniques
  • Light Therapy
  • 4 Quick Start programs
  • 23 Auto programs
  • 500 manual program setting
  • Smart Touch Screen display
  • Auto-adjust Footrest
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers
  • Improved Hood and Seat Cushion
  • Full Body-wrapped Airbag Massage
OGAWA Master Drive Massagestol

Powerful massage chair & beautiful design.

Feel the power of this high-tech massage chair. You get a unique massage experience brought to life using groundbreaking Japanese technology. Each component of Master Drive 4D Plus has a perfectly optimized performance, leading to an extremely accurate massage chair that is perfectly aimed at all your acupuncture points – from head to toe, including your knees – which through massage of the whole body ensures optimal refreshment of energy and wellness.

Master Drive Plus shows what true wellness is made of – and it is tailor-made perfectly for you. The beautiful design gives the chair a beautiful and exclusive look, which fits perfectly into the modern office or home interior. Master Drive Plus is a test winner, and well-known throughout the world, as among the absolute best massage chairs. You get a massage chair like no other with Master Drive Plus, that ensures pure wellness for your body.


The most advanced technology for the ultimate wellness experience

The M.5 GEN ® technology behind the OGAWA Master Drive Plus massage chair includes several important technological advances. These techniques work together to create a massage tailored to your body. The technology that hides in the chair, utilizes movement, touch, and adaptation to your body in overall harmony, to give a massage like no other.

The built-in M.5 GEN® microprocessor has a unique algorithm that can create and customize complex massage programs that ensure you get the ultimate massage experience.

OGAWA Master Drive Plus has unique insulated thermal silicone massage rollers, which ensure a firm yet gentle massage, reminiscent of human touch. The motor is designed to create a flexible movement, which ensures improved accuracy and massage intensity.

The M.5 GEN ® technology allows the massage chair to analyze your body and ensures that it hits it exactly hits your acupuncture points.

You get an intelligent massage – adapted to your body and is the absolute closest you get to a human masseur. Your body will feel a whole new energy, free from tenderness and pain.

OGAWA Master Drive plus M.5 GEN tech
Ogawa Master Drive massage chair

The newest technology and knowledge

With the OGAWA Master Drive Plus massage chair you get a fusion of the latest technology and knowledge of massage and wellness. This knowledge comes from the latest research and from the well – known techniques and methods of the past, that have been refined and further developed over the centuries. Technology and tradition work hand in hand to ensure you get the best possible massage.

OGAWA is constantly working to develop and refine their technology. Innovation is always at the center, which ensures you the ultimate massage experience, with the latest technology behind you. When you buy an OGAWA massage chair, you therefore know that you always get the latest technology and most innovative massage. 


The Perfect Massage with human like touch

Precision is what defines a satisfying massage. Furthermore, this delivers Master Drives 4D Plus The massage chair is powered by their innovative M.5 GEN technology, which ensures a tailor-made massage for your body.

The chair is equipped with intelligent massage rollers that let the chair adapt the massage perfectly to you. The massage rollers have 4D technological heating properties and are equipped with human-like precision, which gives a whole new dimension to your massage.

The thermal massage uses the heat in the chair to warm up your muscles and joints comfortably, this ensures an even better massage.  When your muscles are warmed up well, they take to the massage even better. The chair is perfect for people who suffer from joint and muscle pain.

Ogawa Master Drive massage chair
  • Heat therapy

    Ogawa Master Drive massage stol

    Stimulating spa experience that feels like getting massaged by real warm hands

  • Movement

    Ogawa Master Drive massage stol

    High flexibility of movements enhances range, accuracy, and massage intensity

  • Body Scanner

    Ogawa Master Drive massage stol

    Automatic Fatigue Detection System powered by precision sensors. It recognizes the fatigue points and responds with the optimum massage strength.

  • 36 acupuncture points

    Ogawa Master Drive massage stol

    The intelligent massage rollers hit 36 different acupuncture points on the whole body.

  • SL-Track

    Ogawa Master Drive massage stol

    Wider coverage with a 1.35 m SL-shaped track that covers from neck to hip

Ogawa Master Drive massage knee

Unique 3D Knee Massage

As the only massage chair in the world, Master Drive Plus can massage your knees.

We often take our knees for granted, even though it is one of the most important joints in our body. Now you can treat your knees with well-deserved massage using Master Drives 3D Knee M +. With strategically placed, heated airbags, you can completely relax, from the knees and all the way down to the soles of your feet.

You will really be able to feel the difference after the treatment, where the chair has massaged your knees with heat and airbags. The heat feels great in even the most tender joints, and you can easily control the intensity, for the most pleasant experience possible.


Free to choose

OGAWA Master Drive 4D Plus comes in 3 beautiful colors, so you can freely choose which chair that suits your style and the decor in your home. Whether you are into the eye-catching or the muted, gold or silver, the colorful or the minimalist, you can find a beautiful massage chair that expresses your taste and style.

You can freely choose from our 3 exclusive colors:

No matter what color you are into, you get the latest technology, the smartest features and of course the absolute best massage experience.

Maste Drive pLus fox red, oyster grey, black, espresso
Ogawa Master Drive massage stol

Touch Skærm

Touch Screen  Upgraded operating system with a new user interface design – personalization options and with more than 20 massage techniques.

Ogawa Master Drive massage stol

M-Drive Navigator

M-Drive Navigator  Get complete command at your fingertips. You can easily adjust the 8-way seat angles and the massage intensity. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, indulge in the ultimate massage experience – unique and personalized to each individual user.


Technical data:

Product name: OGAWA Master Drive Plus
Model no.: OG7598P
Weight: ~125 kg.
Power Source: AC 220-240V~, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 200W (~0,3W in standby)
Automatic standby: Aprox. 15 min.
Dimensions Dimentions Master Drive Plus
Upright: Aprox.. 121 cm x 84 cm x 158 cm
Tilt: Aprox. 105 cm x 84 cm x 196 cm
Box Dimensions+ Weight: Box 1: 146x77x100 cm - 96/85 kg / Box 2: 127x37x66 cm - 23/17 kg. / Box 3: 57x49x60 cm - 27/23 kg.
Boxes: Comes in 3 boxes 50% assembled, footrest + sides must be mounted.
Assembly Difficulty: 5/10
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