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Master Drive AI - Graphite

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  • 4D massage
  • Precise body scanner
  • High performance M.6 Gen microprocessor 

This is a game-changer. OGAWA Master Drive AI 2.0 is developed by the biggest innovators in the industry to provide the most immersive massage experience. Each component of the OGAWA Master Drive is optimized for performance, leading to an extremely accurate massage.

Powered by the advanced microprocessor M.6 Gen, Master Drive learns and adapts its massage and changes massage pressure, speed and movements to perfectly fit the contours of each unique body with intelligent Vario Motion 4D massage rollers.

NOTE: Tablet/Display not included - own smartphone/tablet to be used 

Product details

  • 4D massage
  • High performance M.6 Gen microprocessor
  • Heat Therapy
  • Precise body scanner
  • Reaches 36 acupuncture points on the body
  • 1,35 cm SL Track
  • Knee massage
  • 6 different massage techniques
  • Light Therapy
  • 4 Quick Start programs
  • 26 Auto programs
  • 500 manual program setting
  • Auto-adjust Footrest
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers
  • Improved Hood and Seat Cushion
  • Full Body-wrapped Airbag Massage
OGAWA Master Drive ai

The most powerful massage experience

This is a game-changer. OGAWA Master Drive AI 2.0 is developed by the biggest innovators in the industry to provide the most immersive massage experience.

OGAWA Master Drive AI 2.0 has the latest advanced artificial intelligence features: Face Recognition, Health Tracker and Scanner, and an AI Powered Automated Analyst, that bring your massage experience and health management to a completely new level, so that you can enjoy like while staying aware your state of wellbeing.
Each component of the OGAWA Master Drive is optimized for performance, leading to an extremely accurate massage.

Powered by the advanced microprocessor M.6 Gen, Master Drive AI learns and adapts its massage and changes massage pressure, speed and movements to perfectly fit the contours of each unique body with intelligent Vario Motion 4D massage rollers.

When reclining in the chair's extended SL-Track, a comprehensive back massage targets the central acupuncture points, extends the spine, improves posture and eliminates tension with more coverage than ever before. Master Drive incorporates old massage methods with innovative technology for optimal energy restoration through 26 different humanistic full body massages. Master Drive AI combines the best in technology, innovation and over 20 years of experience for a revolutionary massage experience.


4D Vario Motion intelligent massage rollers

The most advanced 4D rollers that bring your massage therapist into your home. The massage rollers slide with precise movements, and have careful speed adjustments that mimic the human hands as with a therapeutic massage. With a wider massage area than ever before, the updated 4D Vario Motion rollers deliver a more accurate massage than any other massage chair.

Rapid sensing technology elevates the massage by targeting the therapy at problem areas that quickly relieve tight back muscles. By identifying key muscle groups along the spine, Smart Acupunctural Point Detection targets 36 acupuncture points for optimal back relief.

Health Tracker and Scanner Technology

The innovative OGAWA Health Tracker and Scanner technology is a closed-loop therapeutic system that ties real-time detection, analysis and massage recommendation with personalized program delivered by a host of smart technologies from trackers, health management cloud, AI-Powered Automated Analyst and a personalized massage program based on your body's unique needs. Making every massage session unique for you.

OGAWA Master Drive AI M.5 GEN teknologi
OGAWA Master Drive ai

The newest technology and knowledge

With the OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair you get a fusion of the latest technology and knowledge of massage and wellness. This knowledge comes from the latest research and from the well – known techniques and methods of the past, that have been refined and further developed over the centuries. Technology and tradition work hand in hand to ensure you get the best possible massage.

OGAWA is constantly working to develop and refine their technology. Innovation is always at the center, which ensures you the ultimate massage experience, with the latest technology behind you. When you buy an OGAWA massage chair, you therefore know that you always get the latest technology and most innovative massage. 


The Perfect Massage with human like touch - 6th generation microprocessor

Precision is what defines a satisfying massage. Furthermore, this delivers Master Drives AI. The massage chair is powered by their innovative M.6 GEN technology, which ensures a tailor-made massage for your body. This cutting edge operating system is powered by 3 dedicated M.6 Gen Microprocessors for faster speed, higher accuracy, and a better massage. Intelligent Sensory Microprocessors learn and adapt to your body for a personalized massage every time.

The chair is equipped with intelligent massage rollers that let the chair adapt the massage perfectly to you. The massage rollers have 4D technological heating properties and are equipped with human-like precision, which gives a whole new dimension to your massage.

The thermal massage uses the heat in the chair to warm up your muscles and joints comfortably, this ensures an even better massage.  When your muscles are warmed up well, they take to the massage even better. The chair is perfect for people who suffer from joint and muscle pain.

OGAWA Master Drive ai
OGAWA Master Drive ai

Unique 3D Knee Massage

Our knees are an important part of our bodies, yet we often take them for granted. With heated 3D knee and physician massage, pulse-type air pressure massage simulates movements from the human hands. Slip into total relaxation while the Master Drive 3D Knee M + goes to work and provides much-needed care all the way from your knees to your soles.

Automatic leg support
The automatic legrest can accommodate everyone in the house with a length adjustment of 11 inches. The stop sensors feel the bottom of your foot and stop to get the perfect leg position during the massage.

Reflexology Foot Massage
The old practice of reflexology has many benefits for the whole body. Reflexology is known to improve blood circulation, promote better sleep, relieve body aches and improve your mood. OGAWA Mater Drive AI uses reflexology massage rollers for the soles of the feet and pressure analysis for a more complex foot massage that cares for your entire body.


The most innovative features

26 automatic programs + 500 customizable settings
Finding your perfect massage has never been easier! With 26 auto programs, you get real chiropractic techniques and detailed massage methods that the whole family will enjoy. Customize your perfect massage and save it with 3 memory settings for quick access to your specialized massage programs.

Heavenly air pressure massage
Get an wonderful air pressure massage with the massage chair's built-in airbags helps to circulate for faster healing and better health. Mater Drive AI uses 60 airbags that are strategically placed throughout the chair to target and release rigidity. Pressure and rotation with airbags provide micro-adjustment of the spine for unsurpassed stretching and spine adjustment. The air compression ranges can be adjusted independently with 5 intensity levels.

Smart Health Sensor
Using a smart handle, PPG technology can measure heart rate to analyze user stress levels. The GSR sensor sends biofeedback feedback and senses the level of oxygen in the blood.

OGAWA Master Drive ai zero space
OGAWA Master Drive ai

Get more done with your AI Assistant

"Hey OGAWA, now we're talking!" The OGAWA AI Personal Assistant enables direct communication with your massage chair. It knows you, gets better every day at managing your health needs. It constantly learns everything about your health profile and navigates the best massage solution for you.

Face Recognition
The OGAWA Master Drive AI recognizes people. Just scan your face, you can get started and access to your personal profile instantly

Voice Command Control
Massage chair does what you tell it to! Just voice. You can quickly access your chair's most used settings even without using the controller, it speaks English and Chinese

AI-Powered Automated Analyst

The Master Drive AI 2.0 has more than 5184 massage combination to provide the perfect massageprogram for your unique needs. The brain behind, is the smart AI-Powered Automated Analyst that uses algorithms to manage masses of data and program a list of recommended solutions that precisely targeted at your specific problem areas, while you enjoy the best comfort and relaxation in your massage chair. The AI-Powered Automated Analyst is there to give you the best for every massage session at the touch of a button - it's individual, personal and fast!

OGAWA Master Drive ai motor

Brushless motors

OGAWA Master Drive AI is the first to use brushless motors to ensure that your massage chair is ready for use when you need it. Smaller, faster engines create more power, but with less friction and heat. These engines stand the test of time so you can continue to enjoy your massage chair without worries.

Ogawa Master Drive massage stol

M-Drive Navigator

M-Drive Navigator  Get complete command at your fingertips. You can easily adjust the 8-way seat angles and the massage intensity. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, indulge in the ultimate massage experience – unique and personalized to each individual user.


Technical data:

Product name: OGAWA Master Drive AI
Model no.: OG7598
Weight: ~125 kg.
Power Source: AC 220-240V~, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 200W (~0,3W in standby)
Automatic standby: Aprox. 15 min.
Dimensions Upright: Aprox.. 158x 84 x 121 cm
Dimensions Tilt: Aprox. 196 x 84 x 121 cm
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