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    • 2D Massage
    • Zero Gravity
    • 5 massage techniques

    OGAWA MYsofa massage chair is created with sophisticated design and elegance in mind.

    Both design and massage are top notch. It is equipped with state-of-the-art massage features, in a compact and stylish chair. The chair takes up a minimum of space and is perfect for rooms where space is tight.

    Try the unique Zero Gravity and Zero Space function and let MYsofa take your massage experience to new heights.


    • Zero Gravity
    • Surround speakers
    • Zero Space
    • 5 cm L-Track
    • 4 automatic massage programs
    • Precise control of the massage
    • 5 massage techniques
    • Airbags for air pressure massage
    • Vibration massage at the legs 

    Zero Gravity & Zero Space

    MYsofa is equipped with both Zero Gravity and Zero Space technology.

    Zero Gravity is when the knees are at the same height as the heart, which means a lying position of approx. 126 °. This is an ideal ergonomic position, and perfect for enjoying massage, where the pressure on the body is at a minimum – especially on the back.

    Zero Gravity helps to give you an even better massage experience, where you can completely relax and let the chair work with your body. There are two different Zero Gravity options to choose from.

    Zero Space means that the MYsofa massage chair can be placed almost completely up against the wall, without having to use extra space when the chair is set to a lying position. Instead, the massage chair moves back and forth.

    This makes MYsofa perfect to decorate with, even where space is tight, as the massage chair requires an absolute minimum of space. 

    Small but powerful - And Beautiful Design

    OGAWA MYsofa is a small but powerful massage chair that has several wonderful massage techniques, fantastic features, and not least beautiful design. MYsofa comes from the world-renowned massage company OGAWA, so you are guaranteed quality and massage in absolute top class.

    MYsofa uses several different massage techniques to give you a relaxing experience. You get a nice shiatsu massage of the back, airbag massage at the thighs and vibration massage of your legs. As an added luxury, you can play your favourite music while relaxing in the chair.

    The beautiful design gives a truly exclusive look to any room, and the compact design makes it ideal for even small spaces. It takes up a minimum of space but still makes sure you are pampered from head to toe

    OGAWA MYsofa - lille og let design
    • Swing mode

      Ogawa MYsofa massage stol - Gynge Funktion

      MYsofa is designed with a rocking function, that mimics a gentle swinging motion. Sit back and enjoy the massage while you are gently rocked in a soothing motion.

    • Airbags

      There are 4 built-in airbags that provides air pressure massage on the side of the hips.

    • Surround Sound

      Ogawa MYsofa massage stol - Surround Sound

      Connect your mobile or music device to the OGAWA mySofa massage chair and enjoy your favourite music while you get a relaxing massage.

    • Vibrations-Massage

      Ogawa MYsofa massage stol - Vibrations Massage

      The special vibration function built into MYsofa’s leg support focuses on your calf muscles and relieves soreness for tired legs


    Automastic Massage Programs

    • Deep tissue massageOgawa MYsofa massagestol - Dyb massage ProgramAn in-depth 8-minute massage program, which includes kneading, Tui Na and pressure massage, as well as the chair rocking calmly.
    • Neck & ShouldersOgawa MYsofa massagestol - Nakke og skuldre ProgramRelaxes sore neck and shoulder muscles, with special focus on specific acupuncture points.
    • Shape 'N ToneOgawa MYsofa massagestol - Form og Facon ProgramLet the built-in airbags give you a complete air pressure massage of your buttocks and hips. Relieves sore muscles in the hip area. 
    • Rest 'N RelaxOgawa MYsofa massagestol - Afslapnings ProgramThe perfect massage to relive sore muscles from a long day at the office. The program uses knocking and kneading techniques for perfect relaxation

    Massage Techniques

    MYsofa is equipped with five massage techniques that mimic human hands.

    • KneadingOgawa MYsofa massagestol - Æltende Teknik
    • TappingOgawa MYsofa massagestol - Trykkende Teknik
    • ClappingOgawa MYsofa massagestol - Klappende Teknik
    • KnockingOgawa MYsofa massagestol - Bankende Teknik
    • ShiatsuOgawa MYsofa massagestol - Shiatsu Teknik

    Technical Data

    Product name: OGAWA MYsofa
    Model no.: OG3118
    Weight: ~46 kg
    Power Source: AC 220-240V~, 50/60 Hz
    Power Consumption: 50W (~0,3W i standby tilstand)
    Automatic standby: Aprox. 15 min without activity
    Dinmensions (H x W x L): dimensioner for ogawa MYSOFA Espresso
    Upright: H:105 B:65 L:143
    Tilt: H:93 B:65 L:143
    Box Dimensions + Weight: 94,5x66x108 - 55/45 kg
    Box: Comes in 1 box, 100% assembled. 
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