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OMG User Manual 


  • Price for 1 ,349,00  €
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  • Reflexology
  • Foot massage with heat
  • Targets 5 areas of your foot

OGAWA OMG is a world-class foot massager. It hits 5 areas around the foot, and uses reflexology to give you the best possible experience when it comes to foot massage.

With the smart control panel, it is easy to set the massage program that best suits your needs. The built-in heat relieves soreness, and makes sure you have warm and happy feet.

Ideal for athletes with a desire for better blood circulation, or for those who have problems with restlessness in the feet.

Product Details

  • Foot massager
  • Reflexology
  • Target 5 areas on around the foot
  • Effective mass under and on top of the foot
  • Built-in heating
  • Heel massage
  • 360 degree foot massage
  • 3 Programs
  • 3 intensity levels
  • Easy to operate
OMG fodmassage by OGAWA
OMG Foot massage

Happy feet reflexology

Reward yourself and your feet with the O.M.G foot massager from OGAWA. This technical marvel gives you precise stimulation of your acupressure points in your feet, which helps your blood circulation and promotes your inner health.

Your feet are very complex organic machines which from the point of view of evolution are evolutionary wonders. O.M.G uses reflexology techniques to relieve tension and soreness in your feet.

If you often strain your feet by either walking, standing or playing sports, OMG is a great investment. Likewise, if you want to improve the blood circulation of your feet or relieve restlessness in the feet, OMG is ideal for you.


Targeted approach to relief

OMG has 5 general target areas that it targets to give you the best possible massage of your feet.

Fore Foot

Your forefoot is under constant use and the part of your foot that provides stability. In addition, OGAWA has developed a special forefoot roller, which helps to relieve and process the stress that your forefoot is exposed to in everyday life.

Arch of the foot

Like your forefoot, the arch of the foot has an important function, which is to connect the forefoot with the rest of your foot. This means that it is under constant pressure from supporting the function of the foot. Here, OMG's kneading roles alleviate tension and tenderness after a long day.


The heel is the part of your foot that provides stability and balance. During a day where you walk a lot or just stand up all day, then your heel can become sore and here OMG foot massage can provide relief. With a specially developed heel massage method that uses acupressure points to relieve soreness.

Foot Bridge

This part of your foot provides a great deal of mobility for your foot, both up and down. After a long day of movement, it can become tired and sore. Here you will get relief from soreness and pain with acupressure technique.


Your ankles help ensure the rotational mobility of your foot and like all other parts of the foot can become sore and tired. Acupressure is used here to relieve soreness and tension in your ankles.

OMG er målrettet til at understøtte din fods naturlige funktioner
ogawa omg foot massager - reflexolgy

Easy to use

OGAWA O.M.G has 3 programs, 3 levels of intensity, and 2 levels of heating. It's easy to switch between the different combinations on the unit itself via the control panel on the top.

  • M1: Skraping Massage
  • M2: Reflexology
  • M3: Rolling Massage

Regardless of what type of massage you choose, you will without doubt feel how the wonderful massage will have positive effects your feet. You will feel the wonderful effect of the massage, regardless of which program you choose. You will feel a big difference especially on your heels, which often is an overlooked area of your feet, when it comes to foot massagers.


Foot massager with Thermotherapi

OGAWA O.M.G is capable of thermotherapi, which has 2 levels. Themotherapi delivers up to 45 degrees celcious heat for your feet. This helps loosen up tense muscles and gives better blood circulation.

The intensity of the massage is completely up to you, just select the massage program you want and then the itensity.

OGAWA O.M.G is constructed to be light, it has a handle for easy carrying, so that you can easily move it around with your.

Ino Massageprodukt - kontrolpanel

Technical Specifications

  • Model: OGAWA O.M.G OF1729
  • Power Supply: 220-240V~ 50-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 45W
  • Massage Time: 15 min.
  • Weight: 6 KG
  • Dimensions: 41(L)x44(W)x40(H) mm
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