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OGAWA Master Sensei - Espresso

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  • 4D massage
  • Built-in touch screen
  • Heat & Light Therapy

Newest Master Series intelligent massage chair, OGAWA Master Sensei, designed to adapt to your body and its needs. You get a massage chair that hits the problems perfectly every time and thereby relieves sore muscles and joint pain.

Master Sensei is powered by the latest advanced microprocessor M.8 Gen, which learns and adapts the massage and changes the massage pressure, speed and movements, so that it perfectly fits the contours of each unique body, with the intelligent Vario Motion 4D massage rollers.
  • 4D massage navigator
  • 54-point airbag massage
  • 7 massage levels
  • 30 manual programs
  • 12 Auto programs
  • High quality synthetic leather
  • Built-in touch screen
  • M8-gen microprocessor
  • Brushless Carbon-reinforced motors
  • 4D Silicone rollers
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Zero Gravity
  • Zero Wall
  • Heat therapy
  • Automatic altitude detector
  • Thigh massage
OGAWA Master Sensei - Designet til ultimativ velvære
OGAWA Master Sensei - Ægte intelligens

Authentic massage, real intelligence

A completely new generation that is revolutionizing the massage chair industry.

The OGAWA Master Sensei is the latest in a long line of high-end, high-performance luxury massage chairs from the world's largest massage chair retailer, OGAWA.

Master Sensei

Experience the technology of the future, each Master Sensei is built to be better than its predecessor. Focus on the latest technologies so you can pamper yourself with the best massage experience that is unique to each individual user. Each massage session will be a unique experience as Master Sensei is designed to understand your body and various pains and respond intelligently to relieve aches and pains effectively.

More than A.I

The revolutionary award-winning massage engine, designed by world-class engineers, has been upgraded and fine-tuned. The M series massage motor with OGAWA's patented "ALIVE TOUCH" analysis now delivers precision scanning up to 15 centimeters deep.

The touch

A key feature of Master Sensei is "ALIVE TOUCH". Insulated thermal silicone rollers ensure an even spread of thermal heat, maximizing the effectiveness of the heat therapy. This great feature provides a strong yet gentle touch similar to a human hand, bringing the massage to life.

The Strength

OGAWA has also developed the S-drive 4D massage mechanism, which has seven levels of massage, all independent of the individually adjustable strength of the "ALIVE TOUCH" roller system, creating the most comprehensive massage strength adjustment system to date.

The Movement

One of the key features of "ALIVE TOUCH" is the smooth, precise and in-depth movements that have reached a whole new unseen level. Like the joint in the human hands, the mechanism's high flexibility of movement increases the range and massage coverage of each individual massage roller with increased accuracy and intensity.


Precision, Zero Gravity and the latest technology

Precision sensor + Acupressure point detector sensor

Precision Sensor provides real-time detection and analysis of your body, key acupressure points and sore points while learning about you and your needs extensively

Zero Gravity

Master Sensei's recline motors allow the chair to fit almost completely into its own space while adjusting to the weightless zero-gravity position and only 10 cm. space behind the chair is enough for it to recline completely.

M8-gen Microprosessor

The high-performance M8 microprocessor uses a unique algorithm to adapt and create the most healing and soothing massage therapy for the user.

OGAWA Master Drive ai
OGAWA Master Drive ai

Newest Master Series - Designed to revitalize

With its bold concept and innovative design, Master Sensei is unprecedented. Its modern silhouette and exquisite craftsmanship convey a sense of luxury, finesse and exclusivity. 12 auto massage programs are designed by Sensei in their respective styles, which give you comfort and relaxation. The chair also contains 30 different manual programs, so you can always find exactly what you want.

Master Sensei has a new 54 point air cell massage system is the most advanced system and it will give the softest massage feeling to date.

The massage chair learns and adapts to you with 36 targeted acupressure points, a unique body structure, your tired and sore points and uses the essence of Eastern medical practice and real-life chiropractic massage techniques.


Modern technologies protect the body's most important parts

M Sensing SL-track

Master Sensei has an ultra-long 1.4M massage SL path that stretches from the head all the way down to the balls. Precision sensors effectively analyze and target the 36 acupressure points for a holistic healing experience.

Exclusive 3D knee therapy

Experience a whole new level of foot reflexology. The footrest can extend up to 30 cm. The integrated Master Sensei's footrest is key to accommodate the user's unique height through its built-in pressure sensors. With a combination of thermal airbags and sole analysis, the foot support delivers a reflexology experience that is incomparable.

OGAWA Master Drive ai personal assisatant
OGAWA Master Drive ai screen

Light therapy & your own music

Integrated light therapy

Enter a realm of true relaxation as light therapy soothes your senses and mind while improving metabolism and promoting cell renewal.

Surround Sound (SRS) Bluetooth Speaker System

Immerse yourself in a deeper state of relaxation by plugging in and playing your favorite music so you can relax completely.

Sanctuary for healing

Establish a personal bond with Master Sensei and immerse yourself in your own haven of healing with the chair's revitalizing and tempting features.


Technical details:

Product name: OGAWA Master Sensei
Model: OG7888
Weight: ~125 kg.
Power supply: AC 220-240V~, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 160W 
Automatic standby: 15 min.
Dimensions standing: ca. 160x 81 x 119 cm
Dimensions reclined: ca. 194 x 84 x 108 cm
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