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Smart Jazz - Melody Black

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  • 2D massage
  • Heat therapy for waist
  • 7 auto programs

OGAWA Smart Jazz – Beautiful design, effective massage, and incredible performance. With OGAWA Smart Jazz, you get it all in one massage chair. You get 7 auto programs, so there is a massage for every need, whether you want relief from pain and soreness or better relaxation.

OGAWA Smart Jazz is made with the modern urban lifestyle in mind.  The streamlined design with beautiful details, makes the massage chair fit beautifully in a modern home.

The massage chair is packed with several effective massage functions that ensure a wonderful massage.

Product details

  • L-shaped track
  • Foot sole massage
  • Massage at the waist and hip with heat therapy
  • 7 auto programs
  • 5 massage techniques
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Zero Gravity
  • Zero Space
  • Heat therapy for waist
  • Thai Massage
  • 20 airbags for airbag massage 
OGAWA Smart Vogue Prime
OGAWA Smart Jazz Massagestol - En livsstil

OGAWA Smart Jazz Massagestol - Aesthetics And Performance

OGAWA Smart Jazz is an effective massage chair, that is packed with a wide range of great massage functions. The massage chair has 7 different auto programs, so you can get the exact type of massage you want. OGAWA Smart Jazz is a masterpiece that hits all the right notes.

You get more quality of life, with a massage that soothes sore muscles and joints. OGAWA Smart Jazz innovative technology provides an intelligent massage that is perfectly adapted to you. Therefore, there is not a single sore or stiff muscle left in your body once the chair has done its job.

Smart Jazz has an L-shaped track that goes down along the back and makes sure you get a fantastic back massage. This is of great benefit to you who suffers soreness and pain in the back. With Smart Jazz, you get both pain relief and prevent any further pain.


Unique Design With Amazing Details

OGAWA Smart Jazz has been designed with the modern urban lifestyle in mind.

The chair has a beautiful and streamlined look, where you can clearly see that every detail has been thought of. The black and white look is complimented by golden details that creates a beautiful and exclusive look that fits perfectly into the modern Nordic decor.  The black look with silver details creates a beautiful and exclusive look that fits perfectly into the modern Nordic décor.

The seat is upholstered with PU leather which makes the chair easy to maintain and resistant to wear.

The cover has beautiful, quilted details which help to further improve the look of the chair, which together with the beautiful details makes a chair you want to present in your home.

OGAWA Smart Jazz massage chair
OGAWA Smart Jazz massage chair

Effective Massage Techniques & Smart Features

Ogawa smart jazz makes use of 5 effective massage techniques, all of which works to give you a wonderful massage experience.

Massage techniques

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Clapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading & tapping kombined. 

All the techniques are effective for relieving you of any soreness, pain and tension in your body and improving your well-being. To get even more out of all the massage techniques, OGAWA Smart Jazz has several smart features that help improve your massage, relieve soreness & pain, and promote relaxation, such as heat, airbag massage and Zero Gravity.


Get exactly the massage you want

The automatic programs in the OGWA Smart Jazz massage chair, uses the built in massage techniques in different combinations to create a great massage experience.

Simply select the desired program on the included remote control that easily lets you choose a program while lying in the chair.
All programs have their very specific focus areas, so you can get a massage that exactly fits your needs. Whether you are looking for a gentle and gentle massage for relaxation, or a more effective massage of specific problem areas.
You can, among other things, enjoy a wonderful neck massage, hip and waist massage, soothing full body massage, or a gentle relaxing massage to unwind before bedtime; there is a program for your needs.

7 Programs:

  • Thai therapy
  • Hip 'N Waist
  • Neck 'N Shoulders
  • Sweet dreams
  • Shape 'N Tone 
  • Deep Tissuse 
  • Restore 

The many different massage program is also an advantage if you have several people at home or at work who use the chair, as there is a program for every need or preference. You can also use the built-in remote control to set the massage manually yourself. This way, you can 100% adapt the massage to your needs. The only limit is your imagination.. 

OGAWA Smart Jazz massage chair
OGAWA Smart Jazz massage chair heat therapy

Heat therapy 

There are many who experience pain and soreness in the lower back and waist. OGAWA Smart Jazz has built-in heat, which helps to make your massage even more effective.

The heat helps to make sure your muscles are warm and more relaxed. This makes you both more receptive to the massage and that your muscles do not suffer unnecessary injury. The heat in the chair also acts as a soothing heat therapy for aches and pains.


Integrated Bluetooth speakers

Music can help ensure you relax even better during your massage, and help you unwind. OGAWA Smart Jazz Massage Chair comes with a built-in Surround sound which ensures you can relax even better to your favorite music, audiobook, or podcast.

You can easily use your phone to control the sound. Get an even better massage experience and get the ultimate relaxation while the massage chair works. 

OGAWA Smart Jazz musik
OGAWA Smart Jazz luft og fodrulle

Airbag massage and foot rollers

Is there anything better than a relaxing foot massage? Perhaps a wonderful foot massage while the rest of your body is also getting a massage.

Smart Jazz has built-in foot rollers, which gently but effectively massage the soles of your feet. You can get soothing sore feet and improved blood circulation to feet and toes.

OGAWA Smart Jazz is equipped with 20 airbags that inflates with air around your limbs and deflates again. This provides a comfortable compression, which is an incredibly effective massage technique.

The compression from the air cushion massage helps to improve the flow in your lymphatic system and blood circulation. This also makes the massage from the massage rollers even more effective. You will thus have a wonderful massage experience, which will leave your body nicely relaxed


Zero Gravity - Take Your Massage to New Heights!

With Zero Gravity you are leaned back in a relaxing position. This not only ensures that you lie back comfortably while you are being massaged, but also that your body is in the optimal position for the chair and body to work together to optimize your massage.

Your own body weight is distributed perfectly in the chair, so there are no areas that get too much or too little intensity. You will thus get the perfect distribution of massage all over your body. Together with the built-in heating function that both soothes and warms the body, Zero Gravity will lift your massage experience to completely new heights.

With the smart Zero Space function, the chair must use a minimum of space at the rear. So, sit back and let the chair do its work while you relax.

Zero Gravity massagestol IWAO Smart Jazz

Technical data

Product name: OGAWA Smart Jazz
Model no: OG5570
Power Source: AC 220- 240v ~  50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 150W
Standard program time: 15 min
Weight 105 kg
Dimensions: dimensioner for ogawa smart jazz  sort
Upright (L x W x H) 152 cm x 78,5 cm x 117,5 cm,
Tilt (L x W x H)  193,5 cm X 78,5 cm x 105,5 cm.
Box Dimensions + Weight 151x80x115 cm - 106/90 kg.
Box: Comes in 1 box 100% assembled.
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