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Smart Witmo

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  • 3D Massage
  • 42 airbags 
  • Smart Body Scanner

OGAWA Smart Witmo provides a fantastic massage of your whole body. A beautiful massage chair in all black, that fits perfect in every modern home. The massage chair has several smart functions that ensures the optimal massage. The massage rollers make sure to hit all the critical points on your body, for a massage experience which increase both your physical and mental well-being.

You get more quality of life and greater well-being with a massage that soothes sore muscles and joints. OGAWA Smart Witmo’s innovative technology provides an intelligent massage tailored to you. Therefore, there is not a single sore or stiff muscle left in your body once the chair has done its work.

Product details

  • 3D massage
  • Body scanner
  • 42 airbags distributed throughout the chair
  • 45 degrees hot compression of waist and legs
  • Foot rollers
  • Zero Gravity
  • 135 cm SL-Rail
  • Air pressure massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Roller massage
  • Zero Space
  • Automatic registration of legs
OGAWA Smart Witmo - SOrt
OGAWA Smart Witmo massagestol - bedste massage

High-Performance Massage For All Needs

OGAWA Smart Witmo is an efficient and effective massage chair, packed with a wide range of massage programs and functions. The chair has 16 different auto programs, for all your massage needs.

The chair provides a comfortable heat therapy at the waist and legs, which can relive even the sorest muscles. OGAWA Smart Witmo is developed by the world-renowned brand OGAWA, that are well known for their innovative and high-tech massage and wellness products.

OGAWA Smart Witmo is beautifully designed with soft curves and beautiful details. The massage chair is designed with both comfort and aesthetics in mind, which makes OGAWA Smart Witmo a good choice both for the home and the office. Its many programs, and intelligent massage make it perfect for a variety of different needs. 


An effective massage with the newest technology behind it

OGAWA Smart Witmo is packed with all the latest technology that ensures the best massage possible! The massage chair has a powerful 3D motor, which provides a deep and comfortable massage with a massage depth of up to 8.5 cm. This is a massage that can be felt!

The chair’s massage rollers run along the back, on an advanced SL-Rail. This means that the rail itself goes from the neck to the thighs in an L shape, but the rail also has an S curve that ensures that the massage rollers follow the contours of your body.

You therefore get a pleasant massage experience that takes your body shape into account. OGAWA Smart Witmo also has a smart body scanner that always detects your body before each massage, which ensures a perfectly adapted massage exactly for you. Smart Witmo has approx. 45 Celsius warm compression on the waist and legs, that relive muscle fatigue. 

Witmo S+L skinne Massagestol med intelligent massage
Massagestol med Zero Gravity - giver en naturlig og afslappende position

A Better Massage Experience - Intelligent Massage Technology

The OGAWA Smart Witmo massage chair is controlled by a micro-computer, which ensures an intelligent massage of the whole body. It uses a variety of different methods, such as kneading, Swedish massage, tapping, Shiatsu, knocking and kneading massage, foot rollers with reflexology and finally airbag massage.

These massage methods hit the body’s most central acupuncture points with great accuracy, which relieves fatigue, stimulates metabolism, and effectively improves blood circulation. You will therefore have less pain and more well-being in your everyday life.

With the chair’s 16 auto programs, there is a massage that meets all needs. You can also manually set the perfect massage if you wish.


Zero Gravity & Zero Space

With Zero Gravity, OGAWA Smart Witmo leans you back to a comfortable reclining position, where you lie completely relaxed while the massage is performed.

In addition to being in a more comfortable position, Zero Gravity also increases the effect of your massage treatment. Because you lie back relaxed, your body is not tense and receives the massage better.

With Zero Gravity, the chair uses your own body weight to take full advantage of the massage.

So, sit back and let the chair do its work while you relax. OGAWA Smart Witmo also has smart Zero Space technology, which makes the chair slide forward when it leans back in Zero Space.

Lydsvage og intelligente massageruller
Jasmin massagestol med kropscanning

Airbag Massage - For An Even Better Massage Experience

OGAWA Smart Witmo equipped from head to toe with a range of airbags. The massage chair has 42 airbags:

  • 6 airbags at the shoulders
  • 10 airbags at the arms
  • 6 airbags at hip and waist
  • 8 airbags at the legs
  • 12 airbags at the feet.

These airbags provide a comfortable airbag massage. The massage works by creating a compression around your body that increases and releases again. This not only feels nice, but it also increases blood circulation and relieves tense muscles.

This helps the massage from the massage rollers to become even more effective and you relax better. Instead of many large airbags, OGAWA Smart Witmo has several small airbags at e.g., feet and hands, which provide a better and more complex compression.


Technical data

Product name Model no
Colour:  All Black
Model no: OG-7808 / IWMS64
Power Source: AC 220V, 50/60HZ 
Power Consumption 80W
Weight Netto / Brutto  108/129  kg
Dimensions Dimensioner for OGAWA Witmo
Dimensions Upright 163x78x127 cm
Dimensions Tilt 190x78x103cm
Box Dimensions+ Weight Box 1:146x84x107 cm - 105/86 kg.  / Box 2: 58x50x54 cm - 24/22 kg.
Box Comes in 2 boxes 75% assembled footrest + sides must be mounted.
Assembly Difficulty: 4/10
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