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OGAWA Estilo Prime X

  • Price for 1 ,349,00  €
  • Auto-programs for neck and back
  • 12 massage balls
  • Fits most chairs

Experience a luxurious massage anywhere with OGAWA Estilo Prime X.

This advanced massage device for back and neck offers Shiatsu massage, 12 massage balls, kneading, tapping, infrared heat, and vibrations.

With an extended roller length and the ability to attach it to most chairs, you can enjoy a deep massage experience that relieves soreness and stiffness.

Product Details

  • Luxurious massage device for back and neck
  • Shiatsu massage
  • 12 Massage balls
  • Kneading massage
  • Tapping massage
  • Infrared heat
  • Vibration
  • Remote control
  • Manual control
  • Fits most chairs
Estilo Prime X
Estilo Prime X Massage Pillow

Enhanced massage experience with OGAWA Estilo Prime X

This model offers several upgrades, including improved roller positioning and acupuncture targeting. With increased adaptability, Estilo Prime X provides an exceptional massage experience, whether at home or in the office.

With an extended roller length of 31 cm and the ability to reach the bottom of the back, this massage device delivers a deep massage experience. The deeply kneading thermal rollers offer a 3D deep tissue massage that effectively relieves soreness and stiffness from the neck and shoulders down to the lower back and lumbar region.


Turn any seat into a massage chair

Turn any seat into a massage chair with OGAWA Estilo Prime X. This compact massage seat is designed to provide a wonderful massage to the neck, buttocks, and back. With the ability to attach the seat to most chairs using Velcro straps, you can enjoy a relaxing massage experience anywhere.

With features like infrared heat and vibration, Estilo Prime X helps enhance the massage and alleviate soreness in the body. The included remote control provides full control over massage settings, including the ability to target up to 3 areas simultaneously and choose from various massage methods such as tapping and kneading.

Estilo Prime X - remote control
Estilo Prime X - Neck Massage

Prevent pain and stiffness in the body with massage

It can be expensive and time-consuming to go to a masseuse, and often difficult to find time to do so regularly. Pamper your body with regular massage and experience the benefits for your body and well-being.

Estilo Prime X massage device is a smart alternative for those on the go or with limited space at home. It's easy to take with you and can be attached to most chairs.

Loosen stiff muscles with a massage chair from OGAWA. You can get rid of stiff muscles and pain while you work.

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