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Omknee 2 User Manual 

OGAWA Omknee 2 AshGrey

  • Price for 1 ,649,00  €
  • Foot, calf and knee massage with heat
  • Air pressure massage
  • Can be divided into two
OGAWA Omknee 2 is a revolutionary foot and knee massage device. It offers superb massage for your feet, calves and knees. The device can be divided into two, so you can use the knee massage part on other sore places on the body such as. your arms.

Omknee 2 is made in a stylish design, which makes it fit well into the home.

You can even share the knee massage part with another, while you yourself enjoy a foot massage.


  • The worlds most flexible foot massager
  • Air pressure massage
  • Massage intensity adjustment
  • Heating
  • Heel Massage
  • Calf massage
  • Toning of arms & legs
  • 360 degree foot massage
  • Anle massage
  • Stylish design
  • Reflexology
Omknee 2 reflexology for your feet
Omknee 2 is the most revolutionary foot massager on the market

Need more than just a foot massager?

OGAWA Omknee 2 is the perfect solution for your sore and tired feet, but can also relieve sore knees. Omknee 2 has smart programs and features that pamper your feet and knees. The foot massage is made in a stylish design, which makes it look really nice in the home or office.


You get a deep precision kneading provides instant relief of tightness in the arches of the feet.

Calf and Shin Care

Relieves tension and soreness in the calf and around your shins.

Knee care

Reduces joint pain quickly and effectively. Experience a new life if you have tired and sore knees.

Toning of Arms

Relieve tired and sore muscles in your arms for a quick recovery.

Toning of legs

Omknee 2 helps break down cellulite and tones your muscles. At the same time, the massage reduces the risk of fluid retention and varicose veins.

Relief with heat

The built-in heat makes your cold feet and stiff joints good! They are warmed nicely while the tenderness is massaged away. The air pressure massage stimulates your blood circulation which helps to relieve fatigue and pain.


World-class foot massager

OGAWA Omknee 2 massages your feet and you have to choose how much intensity you want. So if you either have sensitive feet, or prefer a harder massage, the program is for you.

The massage takes place with a wonderful combination of massage under the soles of your feet as well as compression of the feet and calves. Omknee also grabs the ankles and gives this overlooked area wonderful attention.

If you suffer from a lot of restlessness in your legs, Oknee foot massage is ideal for you. The combination of the foot rollers that massage, and the air pressure massage activates the blood circulation and gives peace to the legs and calves. Ideal to relax with before going to bed at night.

OGAWA Omknee Foot, knee and calf massage - world-class foot massager
OGAWA Omknee 2 - massage af fødder, lægge og knæ

Massage of feet, calves and knees

OGAWA Omknee uses reflexology to massage your feet and air cushion massage to the detachable upper to which can use on the calf, knees and arms. The detachable part of Omknee 2 can be used pretty much where you want.

Air pressure massage can also help relieve swelling, tension and blood circulation. Regular massage helps to give you much more well-being for the body.


Adjust the intensity and type of massage to suit you!

Customize your massage program to suit your needs. With Omknee 2, you can choose the type of massage you want and how intense it should be. Many of the features are optional, so you can choose whether you want a massage with or without heat. It is also entirely up to you whether you want to use the detachable upper knee massage part of Omknee 2, it can be removed and used individually.

You can customize your massage to fit perfectly to your needs. In addition, you can also switch the built-in heating function on and off yourself. Together, the ultimate pampering of your feet is planned.

The many customization options for the foot massage also make it smart to use in a home with several users. This way, everyone can get the foot massage that suits them best, whether one is for a mild or more powerful massage.

Omknee 2 foot and calf massage - Relieve tired and sore feet and knees

Technical Specifications

  • Model: OGAWA Omknee 2 OF 2004
  • Power Supply: 220-240V~, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 51W
  • Massage Time: 15 min.
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