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OGAWA Sonic-X - Melody Black

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  • 2D Massage
  • S+L Track Rail
  • Touch Screen

OGAWA Sonic-X is an efficient massage chair with a luxurious leather look. This 2D massage chair is designed to fit into most homes. The chair is executed in a luxurious design while being packed with functionality.

The chair is equipped with an S+L Rail, which has an extensive range along your back and buttocks. The chair has features that you can easily operate using the built-in smart and intuitive touch screen. OGAWA Sonic-X has body scanning and customizes the massage to fit your body.

OGAWA Sonic-X comes with the innovative Zero Gravity function, which gives you the most relaxed position, maximizing the benefits of your massage. In addition, you get smart features like Zero Space, Bluetooth Speakers, foot massage, and much more to pamper your sore muscles.

Available in Black, Gray, and Black/White

Product Details

  • 2D Massage
  • Touch Screen
  • Body Scanning
  • S+L Rail
  • Leg & Foot Massage with Footrest
  • 12 Auto Programs
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Zero Gravity
  • Zero Space
  • Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • Air Pressure Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Tapping Massage
  • Kneading Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Rolling Massage
  • Knocking Massage
OGAWA Sonic-X Features
OGAWA Sonic-X Leather Look

Modern Leather Design

OGAWA Sonic-X is a modern massage chair packed with features. This 2D massage chair comes in a stylish and luxurious leather design that will fit into most Nordic homes.

Technology and design come together in a smart touch screen that makes it easy for you to take control and choose the massage program that suits you best. Here, you can choose from massage programs like Work Relief, Recovery, Deep Tissue, Rest & Sleep, and many more. The chair is filled with pre-defined programs that are customized using the chair's intelligent body scanner.

You will experience excellent range with the revolutionary S+L Rail that allows the massage engine to reach from your neck all the way down to your buttocks.


Modern Technology Meets Intelligence

OGAWA Sonic-X massage chair is controlled by an intelligent microcomputer, designed to adapt the various massage methods by scanning your body. Body scanning is performed to determine your height and other factors that help the chair customize the massage programs for your body.

This combination of technology and intelligence ensures that the massage targets acupressure points accurately, helping to relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation. OGAWA Sonic-X offers a total of 12 automatic full-body programs to meet every need.

Touch Screen

OGAWA Sonic-X is equipped with a smart and user-friendly touch screen, making it easy for you to choose the massage program.

The touch screen also allows easy manual operation if you want to customize your massage program, which is advantageous if you have specific areas you want to focus on.

S+L Track System

OGAWA Sonic-X is equipped with an S+L track system as the backbone of the chair. This rail follows the curves of your spine, all the way from your neck to your buttocks. The S+L track ensures that the massage engine can easily move along your spine.

The massage engine consists of a mechanical system of massage balls designed to release tension and provide a fantastic massage experience.

The benefits of the S+L track system lie in combining the best features of both S and L tracks. The S track is designed to follow your back, while the L track is designed for extended range.

OGAWA Smart Vogue Prime Massage Chair
OGAWA Sonix-X Zero Gravity Feature

True Relaxation with Zero Gravity

OGAWA Sonic-X is equipped with Zero Gravity, a position originally invented by NASA, as it is the most natural position for the body that does not put stress on it. This feature is carried forward in all OGAWA massage chairs. Zero Gravity allows your body to naturally relax, helping the massage to be more effective, and the bodyweight aids the massage engine in performing its work.

OGAWA Sonic-X offers adjustable Zero Gravity in 3 levels, allowing you to set the chair at different angles. This is particularly useful if you don't need a very intense massage, as it helps reduce the intensity.

Moreover, the chair won't take up extra space when in use, even in the reclined position. OGAWA Sonic-X features Zero Space, allowing it to recline with just 5cm of space behind the chair.


Heat Therapy

OGAWA Sonic-X's lumbar area is equipped with heating pads that help warm up your lower back and enhance the massage experience. This therapy promotes the dilation of blood vessels in the muscles around the lumbar spine, improving blood circulation.

The heat therapy can help heal damaged tissue by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the affected muscles. Additionally, you can lean back and enjoy a relaxing and warm massage on your back.

Foot Rollers & Airbags

OGAWA Sonic-X has 16 built-in airbags in the shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and feet. These airbags deliver an effective compression massage as they inflate and deflate.

In the footrest, there are built-in foot rollers and airbags that work together to relieve muscle tension. This combination improves blood circulation in the area, reducing discomfort and helping with restless legs.

Music & Relaxation

You can easily connect your mobile device to the built-in speakers and enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more while getting a massage. Entertaining yourself with your preferred music, podcast, or audiobook can help you relax and get more out of your massage.

Sonic-X 2D Massage Chair with Body Scanning
OGAWA Sonix-X 2D Massage Chair with 12 Auto Programs

Auto Programs in OGAWA Sonic-X

Work Relief: A massage program to refresh your body and provide energy for work.

Recovery: This program is designed to accelerate body recovery after a hard day at work or intense exercise, focusing particularly on the lower back. The program combines kneading, tapping, and rolling massage techniques.

Deep Tissue: This program is for use after intense workouts. It helps support muscle recovery by improving blood circulation.

Rest & Sleep: For a good night's sleep, this program offers a gentle and relaxing massage combined with a rocking effect.

Thai: The chair uses precise and powerful kneading massage combined with stretching techniques to relieve sore and stiff muscles.

Gentle: When you need a refreshing and invigorating massage to prepare your muscles and joints for the day's work.

Athletic: An auto program for athletes, focusing on tension areas athletes experience and aiding in their recovery.

Vertebral: A deep massage that focuses on alleviating pain along the lower back and spine.

For Him: A program designed for men, addressing specific problem areas with specially designed intensity.

For Her: Provides a gentle and relaxing massage combined with heat therapy.

Neck & Shoulders: If you suffer from neck and shoulder pain, this program can help loosen the muscles and relieve pain.

Waist & Hip: Offers a deep massage for the waist, hips, and lower back to alleviate pain in that area.


Technical Details

Product Name OGAWA Sonic-X
Model OG5572
Power Supply AC 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 150W
Standby Timer 15 minutes
Gross/Net Weight 93 KG / 78 KG
Dimensions: Standing (L x W x H) 152 cm x 75 cm x 117.5 cm
Dimensions: Reclined (L x W x H) 193.5 cm x 50 cm x 102.5 cm
Power Cord Length Approx. 180 cm
Max. Operation Period 30 minutes
Box Dimensions + Weight 118x77x115 cm - 93 kg.

Fits through an 80cm wide door
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